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VEBITOX® FACOUM PASTA (in sachets and trays)

Rodenticide, anticoagulant bait ready for use, based on Brodifacoum for the control of pest rodents, rats and mice.

Authorisation for sale delivered by the French Ministry of Agriculture :

- VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA (in sachets) : 2010639.
- VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA (in trays) : 2010595.
The use of Brodifacoum baits is covered by the ‘’Arrête du 26 avril 1988’’ ; the use is strictly reserved to.Pest Control Operators.

Brodifacoum : 0.005 %, Denatonium benzoate (bitering agent) : 0.005 %, Inerts ingredients : 99.99 %.

Ready and easy to use paste with an optimal content of grease, extremely attractive and palatable, ensuring a maximum bait take and a high resistance in moist conditions.

VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA is available in:
- Tea bags sachets of 12.5 g approx.
- Trays of 150 g for HACCP bait stations.

Use - Activity
Mode of action is caracteristic of the anticoagulants which are antagonists of the Vitamine K. It is very effective against all pest rodents resistant to first generation anticoagulants.

VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA is generaly effective with only two small bait ingestions.This action delay avoid to the community to establish a link between the death of the pest rodents and their consumption of the bait.

VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA is very attractive and very simple to use : It is possible to solve practically all problems of control of pest rodents. The formulae contains a high fat content and shows high performances of damp-proofing.

VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA is effective at very low concentrations against rats and mice and it is less toxic to pets and other animals than to mice and rats.
Once mice have absorbed the poison, they have a suffocation sensation ; they look for fresh air and they will die outside without any pain and without awaking the suspicion to their likes.

VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA is one of the most powerfull of the anticoagulant rodenticides commercially available.. It is also very effective against the most resistant strains of Mus Musculus to anticoagulants and for the most difficult interventions.

Recommendations for use and rates of application

Determine the area where rats and/or mice are more susceptible to be present and to eat the bait. Most of the time, these zones are placed along their tracks, near to the walls, in/or next to galeries, in the corners or where the rodents live.

It is necessary to check the baits every 2 to 3 days and to renew them immediatly if they have been contamined or damaged. In order to prevent reinfestation, leave several baits for new passages.

Collect and get rid of all dead animals and the rests of baits correctly. Once you have finish the extermination of rodents, proceed to the destruction of the remaining baits or store them in a safe place

- Rats : Place 100 to 300 g of VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA per placement every 5 to 15 metres
- Mice : Place 10 to 30 g of VEBITOX FACOUM PASTA per placement 2 to 4 metres

Antidote : Vitamine K 1

5 kg buckets
20 kg boxes (4 x 5 kg bags)

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