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Insecticide emulsifiable concentrate primarily for industrial uses as a residual insecticide against flying, biting and crawling insects.

Permethrin 25/75 : 500 g/l,
Solvent and emulsifiers : to 1 litre

Formulation type
EC = Emulsifiable Concentrate. Pale yellow liquid miscible with water and organic industrial solvents.

Physico-chimical properties
Physical state : homogeneous amber coloured liquid
Specific gravity : 1.038 approx at 20 °C
Odour : very low, organic
Flash point : > 100 °C (close cup)

PERMETHRINE EC 500 N is a product dedicated for residual applications on fabrics after impregnation against all biting insects such as (mosquitoes, flies, ticks, etc…). The treated material can be fabrics for the making of clothes, mosquitoe bednets, tents, curtains, etc.. It is also used for the control of house dust mites in houses, (bed mattresses, curtains, etc.) in the human environment.
PERMETHRINE EC 500 N must be diluted in water with agitation during the application. The recommended level for the application on fabrics is 1000 to 1500 mg/m2 Permethrin. These figures are recommended by WHO.
PERMETHRINE EC 500 N has been included to the OEKO-TEX® auxiliaries product list for biological active finish on textile.

The world famous Secretary of the International Association for Reseach and Control in the domain of Textile Ecology, based in Zurich, certifies and grants labels “confidence in textiles” to manufactured fabrics and textile products of which safety is proven.

50 litre drums and 1000 litre containers

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