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K-Othrine® 100

Insecticide liquid concentrate based on Deltamethrin for the formulation of products for industrial and household uses.


K-Othrine® 100 is a very potent multipurpose insecticide concentrate, which acts by contact and ingestion. It is very efficient on most flying and crawling insects (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, all stored grain insects, wood boring insects, termites, etc...).
Deltamethrin is a photostable and residual pyrethroid insecticide which enables a long lasting protection.

Deltamethrin is very widely used in a variety of formulation types: insecticide concentrates or ready-to-use products, such as liquids for household or professionnal uses, mosquito control by space treatments, aerosol solutions, stored grain treatments, etc…

Recommended dosages
K-Othrine® 100 is used at rates which enable the following indicated levels of Deltamethrin a.i:

Insecticide ready to use liquids for domestic uses

0,015 à 0,020 p/p

Insecticide ready to use liquids for professionnal uses

0,20 à 0,4 g/l

Crawling insect aerosols

0,015 à 0,025 % p/p

K-Othrine® 100 enables the formulation of all type of compositions (concentrates for dilution in water with the addittion of emulsifiers and appropriate solvents or ready-to-use products solvent based or water based.
Due to its very low vapour pressure Deltamethrin does not migrates into the air after treatment,
The treated areas can be reintegrated only after a short period of time after treatments.

20 litre plastic drums

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