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K-Othrine® 2,5 WP

Insecticide for residual treatment against flying and crawling insects.

Wettable Powder miscible with water, contains 2.5 % of Deltamethrin,.a photostable pyrethroid.
Does not smell, does not stain, it is not corrosive, it is stable to sun light, to heat, and to water.

Mode of action
K-Othrine® 2,5 WP is an insecticide which acts by contact and also by ingestion.
Deltamethrin has several effects :
- A knockdown effect ‘’K D’’ or immediate effect.
Deltamethrin acts on the nervous system of the insect and leads to paralysis of the insect. This fast and rapid action flushes out the insects.
- A killing effect or “Kill” = mortality.
The insecticidal effect continues after the penetration into the organism of the insect and leads to its death.
- A long residual effect.
Deltamethrin is photostable and insoluble in water (0.002 ppm), its efficacy will last and the treatments are less frequent
- .A “flushing effect”.Insects are flushed out from their hidden places, thereby driving them into contact with the treated areas.

K-Othrine® 2.5 WP is a product dedicated for residual applications on surfaces against flying insects (such as houseflies, mosquitoes, etc…) inside houses and industrial warehouses.
K-Othrine® 2.5 WP must be diluted in water with agitation. The mechanical hand or pneumatic sprayers, paintbrush can be used for the application.
Spray the walls, and all the surfaces where insects are observed.

Treatment of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes…) :
Dilute 60 grams of K-Othrine® 2.5 WP into 5 litres water and spray on a surface of 100 m².

Treatment of crawling insects (cockroaches…) :
Dilute 80 to 100 grams of K-Othrine® 2.5 WP into 5 litres water and spray on a surface of 100 m².

20 kg drums in bulk.

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