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K-Othrine® flow 7,5 (SC)

Insecticide for residual treatment against flying and crawling insects.

- Suspension concentrate miscible with water ; contains 7,5 g/l of Deltamethrin. Whitish coloured liquid.
- Deltamethrin is a photostable pyrethroid.
- No taint, no odour, not staining, not corrosive, stable to light and to heat.

Mode of action
Deltamethrin is an insecticide which acts mainly by contact and also by ingestion.
The insecticide particle of Deltamethrin in suspension in the aqueous phase remain exposed on the surface to maintain a viable and sustained insecticidal effect. Unlike a wettable powder the particles are not visible and are non staining.

Uses :
K-Othrine® flow 7,5 is designed for the control of a wide range of domestic and industrial pests. A large range of flying and crawling insects can be controlled.
K-Othrine® flow 7,5 is prepared for spraying by simply adding to water and stirring. It is easy to mix. The liquid spray can be applied to surfaces with any suitable hand or mechanical sprayer capable of producing a coarse wetting spray.

Registered doses of K-Othrine® flow 7,5 for  5 litres water:


Volume of Cislin Suspension

Total volume with water

Area Treated

Crawling insects

166 ml

5 litres

100 m2

Flying insects

100 ml

5 litres

100 m2

On a porous surface, twice the volume should be applied but at half the dilution rate to allow for the absorbency of the surface.

1 litre plastic bottles, boxes of 12 litres.

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