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Ficam® WP

Insecticide for residual treatment against flying and crawling insects.

Water dispersible powder based on Bendiocarb .It contains 80 % of the active substance.

Mode of action
Bendiocarb is a carbamate insecticide, the only one available on the market of public health. It acts as a contact and a stomach poison.

Ficam® WP is

  • non-staining ; it can be used on surfaces where water alone has no adverse effects.
  • Odourless.
  • non corrosive ; sprayer life is not impaired.
  • non repellent and does not flush insect pests from their hiding places. Infestations are controlled rapidly and will not be dispersed to other areas.
  • non-tainting, even on the most sensitive foodstuffs.
  •  very easy to prepare ; packed in water-soluble sachets of 15 g unit doses which reduce the risk of operator exposure to the product it ensures that there is no contaminated packaging for disposal.

Using Ficam® WP enables to control a wide range of industrial and domestic insect pests : cockroaches, wasps, ants, flies, moths, beetles fleas and also the bed bugs that are difficult to eradicate.
Though Ficam® WP is mostly dedicated for residual applications on surfaces it exhibits a rapid knockdown. Dead insects are usually found near treated areas.
Ficam® WP must be diluted in water with agitation.
Standard rate : 1 sachet in 5 litres of water.
Drop the water-soluble sachet into the sprayer filled with water, then close it and stir it well by inverting it several times. It is possible to treat a surface of 125 m2.
Mechanical sprayer, pneumatic sprayer, paintbrush or hand sprayer can be used for the application.
Spray the walls, ceilings and all other surfaces where insects are observed.

Boxes of 10 sachets of 15 g unit dose

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