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Pyrethroid, insecticide (technical product).

D-Tetramethrin is an effective broad-spectrum knockdown insecticide with very rapid action – the Knockdown effect (KD).
Its acts as a stomach and a contact insecticide and it is effective on most flying and crawling insects, particularly on flies and cockroaches.

D-Tetramethrin is widely used for the manufacture of aerosols and liquid products.
Alone or in combination with another insecticide with a kill effect such as D-Phenothrin, Cyphenothrin, Permethrin, Cypermethrin or Deltamethrin, and with or without the synergist Piperonyl Butoxide,

D-Tetramethrin is also widely used for the preparation of filling solutions for aerosol. It is also used for the formulation of insecticide liquids (concentrates or ready to use, RTU).
The addition of Piperonyl Butoxide enhances the killing properties of D-Tetramethrin (increase of biological efficacy), and enables to realise significant savings on the cost price of the formulation.

25 kg drums.

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