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Pyrethroid, photostable, technical material.

Cypermethrin is an effective synthetic broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide, with long-lasting residual activity and biodegradability properties.

Cypermethrin acts as a stomach and contact insecticide.

The broad efficacy spectrum of Cypermethrin means that it can be used in numerous applications, both on flying and crawling insects, as well in aerosol as in aerial solution form. It is effective against a large variety of insects, such as :

- houseflies, blowflies, and other flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects, wasps, hornets, lice, fleas,
- cockroaches, earwigs, crickets, ants, coleoptera, lepidoptera larvae, aphids.
The main uses of Cypermethrin are  :
- in public health, and against vector insects (mosquitoes and other biting insects and mites, in the human environment).
- in public hygiene : to control cockroaches, etc., for long term control of flies and mosquitoes, and as termiticide.
- in household applications : for the control of flying and crawling insects, mites in houses and gardens.
- in industry : for wood preservation.
- against stored products pests (weevils, woodlice, lesser grain borer, dermestids, etc.)

Cypermethrin enables the preparation of all type of formulations, such as concentrates to be diluted in water with the addition of emulsifiers and appropriate solvents or ready-to-use formulations (either solvent or water based).
The physico-chemical properties and the broad-spectrum of activity against all species of wood boring insects.render the Cypermethrin a highly potent insecticide for the wood and timber preservation.
We can point out the following advantages :

  • Very low active content necessary in formulations,
  • Formulations based on Cypermethrin showed very law acute toxicities on rats ( > 10 000 mg/kg ).
  • Thanks to its very low vapour pressure Cypermethrin does not migrates into the air after treatment,
  • The treated areas can be reintegrated only after a short period of time after treatment,
  • Chemical analysis showed an excellent penetration in wood treated
  • Cypermethrin is stable in wood for a long period of time,
  • Cypermethrin can be used for preventive and curative treatments of all classes,
  • Cypermethrin can be combined with most of the fungicide active substances commercially available.

50 kg and 200 kg drums.

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